Why Sealing Your Doors And Windows May Not Give You The Proper ROI

An energy audit is also known as a home energy assessment or energy performance assessment. It is a way to find out if the energy in your home is being used efficiently or if you are wasting energy. An energy audit is also useful in detecting flaws in the electric appliances in the home. The assessment also checks different areas of the home to find out where most of the energy is being used. This can help the homeowner figure out where energy can be reduced and how to do so. An energy audit can also help reduce polluted air ventilation that may be entering your home.

Many people find that when they are going through their energy audit, one of the major energy losses they find is in the windows and doors. If there is an air leak or draft, fixing it can save you a lot of money on energy consumption every year however it is recommended that your home energy audit company performs a pressure test to determine where the problem areas really are. Sometimes it can actually be beneficial to have some exhaust release from your home through your doors and windows. In addition, more than 50% of all of your heat gain during the summer months is through the glass of the windows and doors in your home. Installing window sun screens on your home can be the most cost effective way to block the heat from entering your home while maintaining good outward visibility.

In addition, checking that the home has proper insulation can also contribute towards saving energy and money wasted through energy loss. And because air conditioning units and heating equipment account for the most amount of energy consumption, make sure that equipment is serviced on a regular basis. Replacing filters in heating and air conditioning units can help them run more efficiently and last longer.

An energy audit also includes checking the wattage in light bulbs. A big way to save energy is by using bulbs that consume less power. It’s also recommended that a CFL bulb be used as it also consumes less power.

Getting an energy audit in Arizona is a growing trend that in most cases just makes sense. With all the rebates and credits that you can receive from your utility company and the government, making your home more energy efficient has never been more affordable, so don’t hesitate to schedule your home energy assessment today.