Testimonials – Energy Audit Client

I was very pleased with the work AZ Energy Efficient Home performed on my recently purchased house. I literally noticed a difference in the comfort level of the house the VERY NEXT DAY after install was completed.

From the beginning, Jonathon visited our house to do the initial consultation and he was very helpful and courteous, and he answered every question I had concerning energy efficiency for my home (which was a lot). When the technicians came to perform the work, they started early in the morning to beat the heat. This was a late Summer installation, so I felt bad for them because the attic had to be 150 degrees plus. They did a great job of limiting the mess caused by the work, hanging plastic and also protecting floors. They even vacuumed and cleaned up after themselves leaving no trace. The techs also accommodated my schedule by staying later the 2nd day of install to complete the job, because I had to go out of town the next day.

The very next day I noticed that the Air Conditioner was not cycling as often as was normal. In the late Summer heat, the AC would normally cycle 2-3 times per hour during the day, but the day after installation, my AC unit did not begin to cycle until 4pm! From that point on, the AC unit cycled less often and the comfort level was significantly better – even on the 2nd floor – through the end of the cooling season. The electric bill lowered by ~30% in the very first month.

I also requested competitive quotes from other Energy Efficiency contractors for comparison. After 2 other quotes, it was obvious to me that the competitors were not as experienced and promoted ‘short cuts’. The competitive bids were lower, but not nearly as thorough or detailed. My honest opinion is the competition was jumping the bandwagon to collect easy rebates from APS, not to provide the customer with a complete solution.

The cost of the work from AZ Energy Efficient Home was not insignificant, but it was worth it. I would recommend them to anyone that is serious about energy efficiency for their home, and I would do it again if I moved. According to my calculations, my actual return on investment is less than 3 years for my current home at current electric rates. Well worth the investment, considering electric rates will only continue to increase.

We are very happy with the work AZ Energy Efficient Home did for us. The process from bid, to installation to follow-up was very smooth and professional. During the bid process, AZ Energy Efficient Home was very clear in their explanations in expected benefits, what work would be done and what to expect during the process. The workers who performed the work were professional, kept a clean working environment and left us with a feeling that we would be happy to have them back in our home. The work was recently performed so we don’t have long term savings analysis but in our first noted month we saw temperatures 6 degrees higher compared to last year but we used close to 19% less electricity to cool our home. We look forward to a full-year analysis of our savings and, especially, a comparison of our summer month energy consumption.

December 1, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of AZ ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME’s application for the 2018 Energy Star Contractor of the Year. I have used their services on two different homes in the past year and I feel qualified to evaluate their services.

From the moment I initially contacted their office, I experienced the total package of courtesy, knowledge, and professionalism. Margie and Jonathan made the scheduling and job clear, easy, and successful. My first house is located in Paradise Valley but, my second house, is located in Yuma (where I was unable to find a local contractor who both was qualified and whose schedule allowed the time). Fully aware that a Yuma trip was three plus hours outside of the company’s work area, I asked Margie and Jonathan if they could make the trip and they accommodated my request. AZ ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME definitely went above and beyond for me, for it is no small feat to schedule workers and transport all of the needed equipment to an out of town job.
On the days of the services, Jonathan and his technicians were prompt, prepared, attentive to detail, very careful of protecting and not harming any part of the property, professionally groomed, and conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism. They left the site in very clean condition. They were the total package of what contractors should be.

I have noticed many improvements in both homes, since the work was completed, from lower utilities, to better air flow, to a sizeable decrease in dust particles. I am really happy that I had the services done and I would recommend AZ ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME to anyone in need of such service. They truly are an outstanding company.

Re: AZ Energy Efficient Home; project at 8419 E. Redwing, Scottsdale, completed February
15, 2017

As a result of information we found in our SRP bill, we engaged AZ Energy Efficient Homes in February, 2017 to perform an energy audit of our home. At that time, we knew we needed to reinsulate our attic, but had not located a contractor. SRP paid most of the audit fee, and since we already knew we had problems with our attic and our HVAC performance, the audit itself was already a bargain. Jonathan and his crew performed an exhaustive examination of our home, with minimal disruption, and further provided several estimates for potential solutions after explaining the audit findings in great detail. Since the estimates were reasonable, we engaged them further to essentially “re-do” our attic and ductwork system. We couldn’t be happier. It has been over 8 months since the work was completed and our energy bills have dropped by approximately 1/3, our HVAC unit cycles on and off at a significantly lower rate, the work was finished half a day early and under budget and Jonathan resolved a carbon monoxide problem that was troublesome. Thanks to AZEEH’s office personnel, we faced only minimal paperwork to obtain various rebates on the work including a program that allowed us to finance the work at zero interest. A special mention should go to Jonathan’s crew: the foreman, Martin, was the first guy on and last guy off the job each day, and communicated with us thoroughly throughout the process. The crew, to a man (including the electricians Jonathan found for us), were unfailingly polite and answered every question we had. Finally, they left us with a broom-clean job site every day, despite the vast amounts of fiberglass and junk that had to be removed through a small attic entrance. We wouldn’t hesitate to use AZEEH again or to recommend them. We can be reached at 414-202-6317.

“Just wanted to send a note about your employees that came out to change our duct work. They were extremely professional and could explain exactly what they had done. They also explained the difference in how your company does this type of work, compared to other companies.

I felt the price was very reasonable and that everyone at your company has been very professional during the entire process. I have noticed a difference in the room, it is much cooler than it was before we had the work completed. I have had a great experience, so thank you very much.”

“I want to tell you about the dramatic change we’ve seen in our home since the great work you guys did in January 2016. First, and much to our surprise, we did not turn on the furnace all winter. It was amazing. The house stayed warm enough for us to put on a long sleeve shirt in the morning and be comfortable until the sun warmed the house later in the morning. Didn’t turn the furnace on, not once. Amazing!

Second, as summer winds down, we have been very pleased that we can run the A/C at 82 (and sometimes the wife will sneak it up to 83 or 84, to see if I notice. Only about half the time I do) rather than the 79 as we used to do. That doesn’t sound like much, but it made a big difference on our APS bill. We do like a warmer home than most, but we run our A/C 24/7 during the hottest time and it is clearly cycling less than before.

Thank you for the great job.”

“After purchasing my home in May 2016, I knew an Energy Audit was needed. Having had a bad experience at my previous home, I was much more concerned with the company I hired this time. After talking to many companies, I called your company for the audit because you were not only an Energy Star Home Performance Contractor but also the 2016 Energy Star Contractor of the Year.

I chose to use your company because your Energy Auditor, took special care of my home. He showed up on time and while doing his job kept me informed on what he was doing and what he was finding. I felt very comfortable having him in my home.

After talking to you about a week later, to review the results of the audit, I knew your company was the right choice. “My Team” arrived on time, were careful with my home and I never saw anything other than them putting 100% into their job. I am very pleased with the job they did.

Thank you for not only making my home more efficient, comfortable and healthier, but my APS Bill is now much lower, even in this 110* weather.”

Best Regards,

“Jonathan was great to work with. I hired his company to conduct an energy audit on my home. We found numerous problems with room pressure, duct leaks and overall air quality. The fixes were economical and we can already feel the difference in our livability.

Jonathan also told us about several ways to improve our energy efficiency by making simple changes in habits and usage. I will certainly be referring his company to my past and future clients. “

“We recently contracted AZ Energy Efficient Home to perform a home energy audit and install a solar energy system. The audit lead to repairs to the home which reduced the needed size of our solar system to get us to net zero.

Shirley and I would not hesitate to recommend AZ Energy Efficient Home for your home energy evaluation and solar energy installation. We now have a more energy efficient home and the ability to generate our own electricity through the use of solar energy.”

“I just wanted to send you guys a little shout out. I have noticed a significant change in my homes comfort and power usage since you came in and completed some great work on my house. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking to better their future. Thank you once again for everything. The last 2 months I saw a 30% reduction from the previous year’s utility bill. That is what I was looking for. I can’t wait to see what will happen this summer…”

“I allowed an APS Home Performance Contractor named AZ ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME to conduct an energy audit and the result was a recommendation to spend thousands of dollars to save future energy. It is difficult to spend money on some future promise. But something amazing happened just days after the suggested work was done. For years I had been complaining to my doctor about my stuffy nose. Various decongestants had more side effects than good results. Then I had years of less and less uninterrupted slept, apparently due to my stuffy nose. I even had a sleep study which found no particular problem. Then I was using sleeping pills on a regular basis. There were stretches of days that I would wake up gagging due to excessive phlegm and I could not relate all this to any event or season of allergies. Within days of the work to reduce our energy use, all those problems reduced by at least 80% or more. I continue to have relief after about two months and am not using the medications anymore. I can only conclude that I was reacting to the attic dust that had accumulated over 25 years since we had this house built, which was being pulled into our rooms more and more through all the leaks. Sealing all the holes, ducts, and vents surely has made the difference. Perhaps the change of insulation type has also helped because every time I went into the attic without a mask, I would cough and sneeze, and have a phlegm problem for hours. I can only attribute my relief due to all the work that was done recently in the attic.”

“Hey, Jonathan In case you didn’t already know, I am sooo happy with how things turned out in Prescott. Not only does the basement look fantastic and the workmanship is equally fantastic, but you did everything that was originally discussed. I’m very satisfied with all of it. You took care of all the scheduling, plans and permits, organization, and headaches of the project just like you said you would. You kept your word without a contract or any disputes. It’s refreshing to have that kind of trust in someone! I will always have great memories of the project.”

“Mr. Waterworth: As we promised a week & a half ago, we have written a note about our experience with your company. We wrote a review with the BBB, which I understand they share with you. In addition, you may quote that, or the following, as you said you might do. In particular, though, we want you to know of our good experience with you & AZ Energy Efficient Home.

Thank you for the professionalism and thoroughness of your company through the process from initial contact to completion of the contracted work. A couple of things that we feel deserve extra mention are: a. the quiet—no loud boombox or radio—even the quiet of you all as you worked; b. not a speck of any mess was left behind.In a day of so many complaints about customer service, we compliment your customer service and the crew’s efficiency as of the highest quality.

We are grateful for the honesty, too, of telling us you hadn’t needed to do as much as originally anticipated, and reducing the bill accordingly.”

“Jonathan and his team provided me a thorough picture of my energy saving opportunities and spent the time with me to understand what needed to be done to improve efficiencies in my home. My bill has already gone down this past month since his team worked to make the necessary improvements. The team is friendly and professional and left my home the way they found it! Thanks for everything!”

“AZ Energy Efficient Home created comfortable living spaces that were previously never used before we had an energy audit on our Phoenix home. We are so happy to be able to use our whole house throughout the year, and we are excited to be saving money on our energy. Thank you again for coming to our house and providing excellent service from the energy audit to the improvements, and all the way to the end.”