Arizona Home Performance Aps Rebate Program

APS Offers Rebates on Home Performance Improvements

If you are an APS customer looking to lower your monthly utility bills, get rebates on home energy improvements, or just want to take advantage of the home energy assessment to find out where your home’s deficiencies are; you are in the right place.

To be eligible for ENERGY STAR Rebates on Upgrades the following steps are required:

  • Be a Current APS Customer using Arizona Public Service for utilities
  • Work with certified BPI contractor like AZ Energy Efficient Home
  • Sign Up for a complete home inspection and assessment.

For more details on the restrictions and requirements of this program please see:
Arizona Home Performance Website

Once your home energy audit is completed, AZ Energy Efficient Home will provide you with the detailed report including the improvements that are suggested, and the rebates that correspond with the work. The report will provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision on what improvements make the most sense not only for the return you will get on the improvements, but also for the comfort and quality of living for your family. AZEEH will be there to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, and to go over the assessment in detail.

The following are retrofit improvement services that AZEEH provides with their corresponding APS rebate amounts:

Air Leak Sealing: Up to $250 for improving the insulation efficiency by decreasing infiltration due to air leaks

Insulation Improvements & Addition: Up to $250 rebate on insulation improvement where the existing insulation has an R-value of R-7 or less and must go to a minimum of R-43.

Leaky Duct Sealing: Up to $250 per system to fix, repair, or seal leaks in the ac duct system

Other rebates provided by APS include but are not limited to upgrades in cooling systems, lighting, appliances, pool pumps and timers.