Importance of Air Quality

One of the most important areas that an energy efficiency audit can assist with are improving the air quality in your home.

Air quality has an immense impact on the homeowner’s general health, impacting things like asthma, allergies, respiratory disease, bacteria exposure and infection, and the spread of contaminants such as VOCs. Air inside of a home can be more polluted than the air outdoors.

How can AZ Energy Efficient Home help?


Carbon monoxide is the by-product of spent fossil fuels. If they are being consumed in your home, there is a potential for exposure. For your safety and that of your family, it is critical to regularly check the carbon monoxide levels in your home. Elevated levels can be attributed to poorly operating appliances, poor venting, to room pressure imbalances and backdrafting gases into the home.

An energy audity by AZEEH can identify problem areas in your home, and fix issues that may be impacting your health.


Many people continually adjust their thermostat to feel more comfortable in their home, which can add up to an expensive utility bill. Almost every home has a room that is constantly too hot or too cold. Many factors can contribute to this, such as under-performing HVAC systems, duct leaks, drafts, passive solar heat, etc.

AZEEH can address these issues so that you leave that thermostate alone. Our goal is to remedy the reasons behind the uncomfortable temperature flucuations so you are comfortable.


If you have a duct leak on the air-return side of your duct work, your home’s HVAC system is sucking dust and particulates like insulation, rodent waste and pests from your attic and blowing them into the air you are breathing in your home. Cleaning products, carpets, painted walls and furniture can also be a cause for concern because of the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) gases giving off known carcinogens.

Because it is a common element in Arizona soil, homeowner’s also have the potential for radioactive radon gas exposure in their homes. Room pressure imbalances and improper air flow can elevate the levels of radon, so regular testing is critical.

AZEEH can test your home for radon, and install monitoring devices to alert you if/when levels are elevated.

It is critical that people are educated about the known hazards in their home. We typically spend the vast majority of our time in our homes and that is where the worst air quality happens to be.

AZEEH wants to help you live in a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment. Please don’t hesitate to call and schedule a consultation today to learn more about energy audits and air quality inspections in Arizona. We are experts in this field.