AZEEH Attends AZ Asthma & Allergy Clinical Conference

Imagine being told that the only breaths you can take deeply would be through a small coffee stirring straw. Each breath is a struggle, shallow and painful. This is a way of life for millions of people who suffer from asthma or respiratory issues. Patients often try to avoid irritants that could trigger a respiratory attack that restricts breathing easily. Research has shown that the quality of indoor air could often be worse than that of outdoor air. Studies show that 40% of asthma cases are thought to be caused by environmental causes, including indoor pollutants.

The AZ Energy Efficient Home joined with the AZ Asthma Coalition to attend the AZ Asthma & Allergy Clinical Conference last month as a vendor. This learning opportunity conference was attended by medical professionals who treat individuals who suffer from respiratory issues due to asthma and allergies. We were able to share how to take action to improve asthma sufferers’ quality of life through the air quality in a home.

Healthy Home Evaluations is a personal approach to managing patients with uncontrolled asthma. The most common asthma irritants are dust, pollen, and mold. We take valid measurements of a home’s environmental air quality conditions to get a reading on what ventilation or irritants may be an issue.

The HHE inspection process identifies air ventilation deficiencies and air leakage problems to help decrease pollutant levels in a home so health risks are minimal. Our proven results are that 71% of asthma cases are reported to improve after a Healthy Home Evaluation and home repairs supplemented with home asthma educations.

It is time to do more than just medicate for asthma, but it is time to eliminate and gain relief of respiratory symptoms through home improvements. The AZ Energy Efficient Home inspectors are trained in air quality to perform a healthy home evaluation that will reduce exposure to indoor asthma triggers. We care for your air- call (480) 471-0111 for details.