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AZ Energy Efficient Home has won the ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award every year since 2016. No other contractor in the country has won the Contractor of the Year title more times than us.

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Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Keep Your Family Safe

Exposure to carbon monoxide is a serious problem that sends 15,000 people to emergency rooms and kills 500 people every year. Our technicians inspect your gas lines and HVAC equipment to make sure there is no risk of carbon monoxide exposure in your home.

Save on Monthly Energy Bills

Regular maintenance allows your heating and cooling equipment to operate much more efficiently, which saves money every month on your energy bills.

Use Your Warranty

If you have a major malfunction with your heating or cooling system, your manufacturer’s warranty can cover the cost … IF you get regular maintenance on your system. Read the fine-print, and you’ll see that your warranty only applies when you have a maintenance plan.

Get Reliable Performance + Extend the Life of Your System

In most situations, it’s possible to prevent furnace, AC, and heat pump failures with regular maintenance. When you sign up for a maintenance plan with AZ Energy Efficient Home, we take care of minor issues before they escalate and cause your systems to fail prematurely. You’ll also save 10% on replacement parts.

What Does the HVAC Maintenance Plan Include?

Twice a year, our HVAC technicians perform a full maintenance check and tune up. We service all major brands of furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and ERVs.

HVAC Maintenance Services
    1. Check all electrical connections.
    2. Clean indoor / outdoor coils once per year.
    3. Measure amp / voltage readings on electrical components.
    4. Check and clear condensate line as needed.
    5. Lubricate any non-sealed moving parts.
    6. Check refrigerant levels and make adjustments as needed.
    7. Measure system capacity and track over time.
    8. Clean blower on air handler/furnace.
    9. Waived trip charge for any return repair within 60 days of last service.

How Much Does a Maintenance Plan Cost?

Our HVAC maintenance plan is billed annually and includes two service appointments as well as a 10% discount on replacement parts and a waived trip charge for any return repair needed within 60 days of the last service.

One year of the HVAC maintenance plan costs $249 for first HVAC system and $200 for each additional system. If you have an ERV, you’ll get a reduced rate if you’re doing both the ERV and other HVAC systems.

What's different about AZ Energy Efficient Home?

In short, we work with care.

Too many HVAC contractors try to get in and out without spending the time to make sure that your HVAC systems are optimized for your home. With us, it’s quality over quantity. 

No other contractor in the country has won the ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year Award more times than AZ Energy Efficient Home. 

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