This is what is done during an Arizona Energy Audit:

  • Interview – Discuss concerns, Comfort & Health
  • Review Usage Details
  • Inspect Exterior – Windows, HVAC Compressor & Pool Pumps
  • Measure Windows
  • Inspect Attic – Air barrier, Insulation, Duct work & Air Handler/ Furnace
  • Perform static pressure test on HVAC system
  • Check all equipment gas valves and supply lines for leaks
  • Measure Carbon Monoxide levels on equipment & appliances
  • Dominant Duct Test – measure envelope pressure w/ HVAC running
  • Room Pressure Balance Test
  • Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) Test
  • Test Water Heater for spillage, draft & carbon monoxide
  • Blower Door Test – measure envelope leakage
  • Zonal Pressure Test – determines air barrier boundary
  • Pressure Pan Test – measures duct leakage
  • Review findings, photos and Energy Analysis report

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Carbon monoxide testing: This identifies unsafe levels of carbon monoxide that can be related to improper or incomplete combustion of appliances, furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces or blocked vents, and back drafting. Symptoms are headache, fatigue, nausea and, when in high concentrations, can be fatal.

Gas & Refrigerant testing: For your family’s health, it is important to locate and repair gas leaks at supply sources for appliances, furnace, water heaters, etc. Did you know that any flex supply line made prior to 1973 must be replaced, as well as some shut off valves that are outdated? We can also provide testing for refrigerant leaks on air conditioning units.

Radon Test: This shows any unsafe radon levels in your home. It is done with an electronic measuring device that takes samples over several days. Radon is often overlooked, but is extremely important to be aware of the potential side affects. There is further information about radon on this site.

Blower Door: This device is the primary tool for many accompanying tests. It places a negative or positive pressure on the entire house and, with the use of a manometer, we can take several tests. This will give us the volume of the leaks and help us identify the location.

Room Pressure: A Room Pressure Test will tell us if there are inherent room pressure imbalances between rooms while the air handler is running. Imbalances can lead to poor ventilation, hot or cold rooms, and is a sign of possible duct issues.

Pressure Pan: This test can tell us if there are duct leaks in your ventilation system and points out the location of the leak. For energy conservation purposes, this test tends to offer big returns.

Infrared Imaging: the infrared camera can show inefficiencies in the thermal barrier of the homes construction and materials used. It is also helpful for detecting other problems present in the home.

Visual Inspection: A comprehensive inspection of the home includes mechanical, insulation, appliances, vents, supply lines, weather stripping, and more. It is imperative for your home energy audit professional to be knowledgeable in both building diagnostics and home construction to be effective.

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