For Real Estate Agents

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As an agent, you need every advantage you can get.

With the growth of interest in green homes, and sustainability in general, it can be a distinct advantage to be selling and marketing a house that has gone through an energy audit.

Listing Agent Advantages

  • Shows sellers that you are on the cutting edge of real estate trends and marketing
  • Gives your listings a unique, attention-getting marketing advantage
  • Demonstrates pride of ownership and tells buyers the home is well- maintained
  • Makes older homes feel newer
  • Helps energy expenses be mimized and more predictable – a very attractive feature to a buyer

Buyers Agent Advantages

  • Allows for a deeper understanding of the home your client is buying
  • Extends the home inspection to areas not typically evaluated
  • Allows buyers to have critical repairs negotiated/paid for by the sellers
  • Demonstrates your ability as a Buyers Agent Specialist
  • Gives you a powerful opportunity for six-month or one-year follow-up with the buyer

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of home energy audits for real estate professionals. They are proven to increase the value of a home and help it sell faster.