AZ Energy Efficient Home Videos

How do you know if your home is healthy?

Jonathan Waterworth, owner of AZ Energy Efficient Home, does healthy home evaluations as part of every home audit and inspection.

See for yourself exactly what a home energy audit includes, then drop us a line when you’re ready to get started. 

What is an energy audit?

If you’ve ever wondered what to expect from a home energy audit in Phoenix, this video is for you.

Jonathan Waterworth, owner of AZ Energy Efficient Home, introduces energy audits in plain terms.

He sits down with Laura Jewett of Inspired Real Estate Collective to share what he’s learned from doing more than 3,000 energy audits in Phoenix since 2009.

APS Home Performance Rebate program

APS customers can take advantage of energy saving retrofits and receive rebate credit for making their home more energy efficient.

  • Mechanical Evaluation
  • A/C Duct Integrity
  • Complete Assessment Report
  • Up to $2500 in rebates
  • Install 10 CFL Bulbs
  • 1 Low Flow Shower Head

Meet the Owner at AZ Energy Efficient Home!

Owner of AZ Energy Efficient Homes talks about the most important aspects of a Home Performance Energy Audit process which includes looking for the following inefficiencies in your house.

  • Pressure Pan Testing
  • Room Pressure Balancing
  • Air Leaking in the envelope of your house
  • Insulation in your attic
  • Air Barrier
  • Duct System in the attic
  • Combustion systems and appliances
  • Thorough Safety Inspections
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Nine Page Analysis Report

AZ Energy Describes the Solution to Air & Duct Sealing Issues.

This informative video was taken by AZ Energy Efficient Home to explain how duct leakage can create unsafe air quality into conditioned air space.

  • Air Barrier Damage
  • Plumbing Penetration
  • Indoor Air Quality Issues
  • Pressure Pan Leaking
  • Excessive Cooling Inefficiency
  • A/C Pulling Hot and Dirty Air From Attic

Save with SRP Home Energy Performance Rebates.

SRP and AZ Energy Efficient Home will save you a great deal of money by providing an energy star home performance audit with a detailed report for energy improvements.

  • BPI Certified Contractor
  • Home Performance Checklist
  • Full House Assessment
  • Hot Spots and Windows
  • Complete Report of Recommendations

Owner Jonathan Waterworth on Arizona Mid-day