AZ Energy Efficient Home Videos

APS Home Performance Rebate program

APS customers can take advantage of energy saving retrofits and receive rebate credit for making their home more energy efficient.

  • Mechanical Evaluation
  • A/C Duct Integrity
  • Complete Assessment Report
  • Up to $2500 in rebates
  • Install 10 CFL Bulbs
  • 1 Low Flow Shower Head

Meet the Owner at AZ Energy Efficient Home!

Owner of AZ Energy Efficient Homes talks about the most important aspects of a Home Performance Energy Audit process which includes looking for the following inefficiencies in your house.

  • Pressure Pan Testing
  • Room Pressure Balancing
  • Air Leaking in the envelope of your house
  • Insulation in your attic
  • Air Barrier
  • Duct System in the attic
  • Combustion systems and appliances
  • Thorough Safety Inspections
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Nine Page Analysis Report

AZ Energy Describes the Solution to Air & Duct Sealing Issues.

This informative video was taken by AZ Energy Efficient Home to explain how duct leakage can create unsafe air quality into conditioned air space.

  • Air Barrier Damage
  • Plumbing Penetration
  • Indoor Air Quality Issues
  • Pressure Pan Leaking
  • Excessive Cooling Inefficiency
  • A/C Pulling Hot and Dirty Air From Attic

Save with SRP Home Energy Performance Rebates.

SRP and AZ Energy Efficient Home will save you a great deal of money by providing an energy star home performance audit with a detailed report for energy improvements.

  • BPI Certified Contractor
  • Home Performance Checklist
  • Full House Assessment
  • Hot Spots and Windows
  • Complete Report of Recommendations

Owner Jonathan Waterworth on Arizona Mid-day