Energy Rebate and Savings with SRP

Save money with SRP Arizona Home Performance Energy Audit

SRP customers in the Phoenix area are eligible for Energy Star improvement rebates on their homes to increase energy efficiency. SRP reduces the cost of your Phoenix Energy Audit assessment and gives you a detailed report of your homes deficiencies which would otherwise cost several hundred dollars.

This “Save With SRP” program allows SRP customers to make energy performance enhancements to their home for less. Below are some of the benefits of utilizing an SRP Home Performance assessment and the energy barriers that you may have:

  • Inadequate or missing insulation
  • AC and Heating Performance issues
  • Air Duct system leaks or blockages
  • Air Leakage due to building integrity
  • “Hot Spots” in the walls, ceiling, and floors

In addition, SRP provides ten compact fluorescent bulbs, one low-flow shower head, and an appliance energy use meter during the inspection when applicable.