The Benefits Of Conserving Energy

This day and age, people are trying to save money wherever they can, especially when it comes to utility bills. With money tight for many people, it is easy to control the amount of air conditioning and heat you use and by conserving these things, you can often save money on your bill. In order to conserve energy, people have decreased the use of their heater and started dressing warmer and using more blankets in order to keep warm. They’ve also decreased the use of their air conditioner and begun to use the ceiling fan more often in attempts to keep their home cooler. Little do they know that their hard earned attempts at reducing energy costs could be going to waste. Many people are unaware that most homes contain multiple air leaks which, if left untreated, can contribute to lost energy and add money on to your energy bill each month. Air sealing could be the answer to your energy conservation problem.

The fact is that hot air and cold air contain different pressures and when there is an area of high pressure, it naturally flows to an area of lower pressure. Air has the tendency to leak out of your house when the air pressure outside of the house is lower than the air pressure inside of the house. As the air travels from hot to cold and from high pressure to low pressure, you end up losing a lot of your precious heated or cooled air. Also, the greater the temperature difference is and the bigger the leak, the more air you will lose.

Air sealing is the perfect way to restrict the passage of the air through the floor, walls, ceiling or windows of the home which makes your home more energy efficient and saves you money on your energy bills. When most homes are built, insulation is used as a barrier between the outside air and inside air; however, constructions barriers, such as insulation, simply slow down the flow of air and doesn’t do much to stop it altogether. If there is a gap or issue in the construction of the home, usually where the building materials are joined, then air can easily leak through at those places.

Air sealing is the process where your home is first tested for possible air leaks, and then repaired in order to put a stop to those air leaks, retaining the energy in your home. New types of insulation and more efficient barriers are put into place and tested to ensure their functionality. Having the air sealing process done in your home can, not only help you to conserve energy which helps the environment, but also helps you to save money on your energy bills. The process simply pays for itself. Not to mention, having the process done keeps your home at a more comfortable consistent temperature level. You no longer have to experience those cold drafts in your home on a cold day.

Air sealing your home is an economical and wise decision to make. Save your family money each month and call to have your home air sealed today. Prepare your family for the cold winter ahead.