When Making Your Home More Energy Efficient, Use Rebates To Save Money

If your electricity bills are soaring, leading you to self-inflicting suffering through the extreme temperatures of winter and summer, then it might be time to make your home more energy efficient. By replacing appliances and making some small changes around the house, you can save a lot of energy and money. Unfortunately, these changes can be really expensive. For those wishing to retrofit their homes in Arizona with the latest in energy-efficient technology, local energy companies Arizona Public Service (APS) and Salt River Project (SRP) offer rebates to make the change possible at an affordable price.

When you first set out to more your home more energy efficient, a home performance audit goes a long way in helping you figure out what changes to make. Professionals will go over your home from top to bottom, looking for old appliances and energy leaks. While these audits are very thorough and helpful, they can also be really expensive, sometimes in the range of $500. With the rebates available to you from APS and SRP, you can often get that service at a significantly reduced rate. Make sure to call your local representative to ask about the rebates on the audits that are available in your area.

There are numerous aspects of a home that play a part in energy efficiency. The amount of energy your appliances use is a huge factor in your energy bills. If you purchase a new heat pump or AC unit from a participating contractor, APS offers a rebate of up to $270. Many energy experts estimate that using refrigerators and freezers that are more than 20 years old use about three times more energy than newer ones. By recycling your older yet operable models, customers may receive a $30 rebate to put towards a newer model. Pools use a significant amount of energy to keep running. With new discounts of up to $200, you can install a high-efficiency pool pump that can save you an estimated 80% on pool energy costs.

Sometimes you don’t even have to buy a whole new system for your mechanical items to become more energy efficient. APS also offers a new service where they will give you a $100 rebate for having a contractor perform an advanced tune-up on your AC system, which gets your existing equipment functioning like new. Cooling and heating systems in homes often rely on an extensive system of interconnecting ducts. One little leak and the whole system expends extensively more energy in order to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. With a duct inspection and repair service, you can fix this problem and be eligible for a $250 rebate in the process.

Some of the rebates available go to those who think outside of the box for energy solutions. By planting shade trees in your yard, you protect your house from the heat of the sun and therefore spend much less to keep things cool during the summer. By attending a shade tree workshop, participants may find themselves with shade trees free of charge.

The rebates available do not only impact residential homeowners for the better, but also multifamily dwellings like apartment buildings and condos. APS and SRP offer free energy-saving measures to help ease the burden of heating and cooling such large buildings for owners and tenants alike. And they also offer special rebates of up to $900 for multifamily construction projects that employ good energy-saving measures in their construction.

By using your APS and SRP rebates to their fullest, you can revamp your house for energy efficiency for a fraction of the cost.