Take Advantage Of Energy Rebate Programs In Arizona

With energy costs rising and trends moving toward energy conservation and sustainability, energy rebates are becoming more common. Energy rebates offer incentives, usually in the form of money, that encourage consumers to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient. You can find more information about each state’s energy rebate programs on the U.S. Energy Department website. There are several energy rebate programs in Arizona that you may want to take advantage of. Following is information regarding some of the main Arizona energy rebate programs.

Salt River Project (SRP) is an Arizona utility company that provides electricity and water services. SRP has many rebates that are available to the company’s customers. In order to claim the SRP energy rebates, you need to follow the instructions on the SRP website. You can find the information you need under the “energy savings & rebates” link. One of the rebates available is called a “Cool Cash” rebate. By replacing your older air conditioning unit or central heat pump with new energy saving systems you can get up to $400 back. This rebate program is available until April 30, 2013. Look on the SRP website for more details. Another energy rebate available through SRP is the refrigerator and freezer rebate. This program allows you to recycle your old refrigerator or freezer and replace them with energy efficient appliances. The rebate is $50 and you can recycle up to two appliances for each SRP account you have per year. For information on more rebates or to get an energy audit done on your home visit Arizona Energy Efficient Home’s main site or contact page.

Arizona Public Service Company (APS) is a utility company in Arizona that provides electricity. Information about APS rebate programs can be found on the APS website. There is a link provided on the main page that will direct you to details about how to take advantage of the energy rebates APS offers. One of the rebates offers as much as $250 for fixing all of the air leaks in your home. Other rebates offer incentives for employing solar power systems in your home. Installing a solar water heater not only allows you to heat your water for free, but if you are an APS customer you can also get a rebate. There are state and federal tax incentives available as well. With the rebate and tax incentives, you may be able to pay as little as $1,000 to install a solar water heater. For detailed information about these and other rebate programs from APS, visit the APS website or visit Arizona Energy Efficient Home’s main site or contact page.

Southwest Gas is another Arizona utility company. The company offers a variety of rebates, including rebates for replacing old electric appliances with natural gas appliances. Two other rebate programs Southwest Gas offers are the attic and floor insulation rebate programs. Updating your existing insulation can help you conserve energy and lower your utility bill. There is a list of requirements you must fulfill before obtaining the insulation rebate. For example, along with any upgrades you make in insulation, you need to make sure you seal any air leaks in your home. The rebate provides up to 75% of the cost of the insulation upgrades. For detailed information for how you can obtain Southwest Gas insulation rebates, visit Arizona Energy Efficient Home’s main site or contact page.