Increase The Comfort Of Your Home With A Home Performance Audit In Arizona

Your home, no matter how small or big, is your castle, the place where you relax, eat, spend time with your family, and sleep. Some of the most important and most memorable moments of your life will likely happen within the walls of your home. That’s why it can be so important that your home is comfortable for you and your family members. With how much time you spend there, it makes no sense to go on living in a home that leaves you shivering in the winter or overheated in the summer. An Arizona home performance audit may help make your home the most comfortable it has ever been and can uncover simple solutions to many common home discomforts.

An Arizona home performance audit is an examination of your home’s heating and cooling systems that measures energy efficiency. The audit typically consists of a technician coming to your home to measure and examine key areas and appliances as well as get a feel for the daily conditions in your home. A thorough audit may take anywhere from one to several hours and should provide you with comprehensive information about how your home uses energy.

Because these audits are normally so thorough, after your home performance audit in Arizona, the technician who performed the audit will prepare a report that indicates how efficient the systems in your home are. These systems may include your water heating and circulating system, climate control systems such as air conditioners and furnaces, and the ducts and vents associated with them. If your home is found to be inefficient, the audit may indicate the cause for inefficiencies and recommend a course of action that you can take to increase the effective usage of energy in your home. Suggestions may include repair or maintenance of an appliance, duct cleaning, or window and door replacements or treatments that may help cut down on drafts that rob your home of hot or cold air. In some cases, auditors may also find other problems, such as mold and mildew growth, that can be difficult to spot for the untrained eye and that may be causing structural damage for your home or respiratory and other health problems for you.

Understanding where you home is inefficiently using energy can allow you to tackle problems one by one until your entire home is properly heated or cooled without you paying an arm and a leg for electricity, gas, or other fuel. When the internal temperature of your home is carefully regulated, then you and your family members are much more likely to live, work, play, and sleep in comfort. There are many companies in Arizona who may be certified to provide a home performance audit. Make sure to ask family and friends for suggestions as you shop around for the company that best fits your needs. Check out each company’s reputation with local business rating agencies and be on the lookout for special offers that may allow you to take advantage of this wonderful service for a discounted price. It’s your home and your space, so make it the most comfortable it can be with a home performance audit in Arizona today.