Energy Efficiency: New Homes Vs. Old Homes

Energy efficiency is a hot topic these days. With the rise of energy costs and talk of moving toward sustainable and renewable energy, many people are trying to find ways to make their homes more energy efficient. New homes are increasingly being built according to higher standards, making them automatically more energy efficient. Older homes that have not been updated can be huge energy suckers, making their owners have higher energy bills. But not all old homes are energy inefficient. In fact, there are many incentive programs for homeowners to create energy efficient homes in Arizona, regardless if the home is new or old.

New homes can be built with great energy efficiency, but they can also be built without it. If you are going to build a new home and you want it to be energy efficient, you must make conscious decisions that will help you accomplish your goal. There are organizations that can help you create an energy efficient home. Meeting with a home performance consultant before you build your home can help you know what to incorporate into the building of your new home to make it one of the energy efficient homes in Arizona. In addition, there are certification programs, like LEED and BPI, which can help you create the most energy efficient new home possible.

Updating an old home to make it more energy efficient is not as difficult or costly as it may seem. Some home buyers like the character that an old home brings, preferring to update a home that has a history to buying one of the new cookie-cutter homes. With an energy audit, old homes can be inspected to discover areas where energy inefficiencies are occurring, create energy efficient homes in Arizona. An energy audit includes inspections of a home’s appliances and systems, ventilation, insulation, and other areas that are potentials for energy deficiencies. Thermal testing and a door blower test may also be performed during a home energy audit. An energy auditor will give the owner recommendations for increasing the energy efficiency of the old home. This may include replacing an old clothes dryer or another electric appliance with a new energy efficient one, adding insulation to an attic or to air ducts, or even something as small as replacing old light bulbs with CFL bulbs.

There are rebates for creating energy efficient homes in Arizona, whether your home is old or new. Many utility companies in Arizona offer rebates for replacing old appliances, like refrigerators and freezers and upgrading to energy efficient appliances. There are also rebates available for adding solar panels or solar water heating systems to your home. You can often get rebates for updating heating and cooling systems or adding insulation to your floor or attic. To find rebates in your area, check your utility companies’ websites. You may also want to check the Arizona Governor’s Office of Energy website and the U.S. Energy Department website for information on tax credits and incentives for energy efficient homes in Arizona.

There are many new and old energy efficient homes located in Arizona that are on the market. If you already own a home, whether it is new or old, there are many resources and tools available to help you make your home more energy efficient.