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Feeling the heat? Insulation makes all the difference.

Adding insulation and sealing air leaks are two of the most cost effective ways to keep cool and cut monthly energy bills. To learn more about the costs and incentives for an insulation project, start by giving us a call at (623) 581-5298, or reach out to schedule an appointment.

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Humblebrag alert – We’re not just one of the best insulation companies in Phoenix. We’re one of the best in the country. No other contractor in the country has earned the ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year title more times than AZ Energy Efficient Home.

energy star contractor of the year award

Every insulation project comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

What it's like - Phoenix insulation project

“We had had insulation added and duct sealing done by other contractors previously, but still had ongoing concerns with HVAC function and excessive dust. Jonathan took the time to review our history and concerns, and did a thorough and scientific review. Testing not only uncovered significant past insulation and air flow oversights, but also helped lead to the discovery (after 7 years!) of the source of our unhealthy, excessive dust.”

“I would encourage anyone to get an energy audit with AZEEH. Jonathan and his team will also work with your power company to assure that available rebates are utilized. There was no “hard sell” in our case. The corrective work is done, the cost was competitive, and the results excellent.”

-Larry W.’s review of his Phoenix insulation project  (Read more AZ Energy Efficient Home reviews on Google)

Frequently asked questions about insulation in Phoenix

Why does my home get so hot in the summer?

Most people think they need to replace their air conditioner or heat pump if they can’t get a consistent, comfortable temperature at home. 

It may make sense to upgrade your HVAC system, but it shouldn’t be at the top of your priority list. If you feel uncomfortable at home, start with air sealing, duct sealing, and insulation.

Refrigerator Analogy

Imagine this – Your refrigerator doesn’t keep cold.

The first thing to do is check to make sure the door of the refrigerator is sealed properly. Without a consistent seal between the inside and outside of the fridge, it will never keep things cold even if you swap out the mechanical parts. 

Similarly, if rooms or an entire floor of your home heat up this summer, you should first make sure that you have a consistent barrier between the inside and outside of your home. You create a consistent barrier by sealing air leaks and adding insulation to your attic, walls, and floors.

It’s also important to seal any gaps in the ducts that deliver conditioned air from your HVAC system. ENERGY STAR estimates that in an average U.S. home, 20% to 30% of the air that moves through ducts gets lost through holes, leaks, and poorly connected ducts.

After addressing any issues with air sealing, insulation, and duct sealing, it’s likely that you won’t need to replace your AC or heat pump right away. That’s how you even out temperatures at home and save money by extending the life of your mechanical systems.

What are the steps to install insulation in Phoenix?

#1. Reach Out

Give us a call at (623) 581-5298, or send a message to schedule an assessment of your home.

#2. Appointment

Every client starts with a comprehensive, diagnostic assessment.

We dig in to determine the specific amount of air leakage throughout your home, including the duct system. We crawl through the nooks and crannies to inspect the condition of your current insulation. Only then will we make a recommendation about the air sealing and insulation that makes sense for you.

Too many insulation companies in Phoenix make recommendations without good data. Beware of any Phoenix insulation company that tries to sell you a project without first doing diagnostic testing (e.g. blower door test and duct blaster).

#3. Install Your System

We stand by the quality of our work, offering every client a satisfaction guarantee. If there are any issues with your Phoenix insulation project, we’ll do what we can to make sure you’re satisfied. That’s one of the reasons we’ve been selected as ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year for the last seven-years in a row.

How long does it take to get insulation installed?

Timelines vary. To get the latest estimates, give us a call at (623) 581-5298.

We currently have openings in the next month. Depending on the type of insulation that you need, it’s possible that we could seal and insulate your home in Phoenix in the next two to four weeks.

How do I know if I have enough insulation?

Most Phoenix homeowners who need insulation notice one of two things first:

    1. High electric bills;
    2. Comfort issues like temperature differences between rooms or floors of the home.

Let’s start with electric bills.

As a rule of thumb, your highest electric bills during the peak of summer should be less than $100 per 1000 square feet. So if you live in a 2,500 square-foot home, your highest monthly electric bill should be no more than $250.

If you’re paying more than that, it’s because your AC runs constantly. Give your AC a break and bring down your monthly bills by sealing air leaks and adding insulation.

You may also notice temperature differences between rooms and floors. For example, if the temperature upstairs is consistently 5 to 10° higher than the temperature downstairs, it’s because you don’t have enough attic insulation.

Looking across your attic, you should see about a foot and a half of blown in insulation consistently covering the entire attic floor. If you only see a few inches of insulation or spotty coverage, you should definitely give us a call: (623) 581-5298.

How much will insulation save on my energy bills?

In general, ENERGY STAR estimates that sealing air leaks and adding insulation save an average of 15% on home heating and cooling costs.

You can save an additional 20% by sealing and insulating your ducts.

What's different about AZ Energy Efficient Home?

We care … a lot.

Too many Phoenix insulation companies move fast and make recommendations without taking the time to understand the home. This can have all kinds of unintended consequences – like causing pressure differences and the build up of dust, mold, and mildew.

We run diagnostics for every Phoenix insulation project. The testing tells us exactly how much air sealing, duct sealing,  and insulation you need. 

We’re incredibly proud of the work we do. No other contractor in the country has won the ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year title more times than AZ Energy Efficient Home.

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