Get an Energy Audit Before Buying a New Home

When you go to buy a new home, getting an inspection is standard procedure to ensuring that the home you are buying does not have any major issues. Many people have an inspection to look for things like structural problems, water damages and other potentially expensive problems, but, many people overlook getting an energy audit before buying a home and this can be a costly mistake. When we are looking at buying a car we consider miles per gallon for gas efficiency but why not do this with our home where inefficiency could be much more costly? In terms of energy efficiency in the home, we tend to focus a lot on energy efficient appliances but your home could be leaching thousands in unnecessary energy costs because of inefficient energy issues. When looking for your dream home the last thing you want to find out after just moving in is that there are major energy efficiency problems that require costly repairs or replacements that you have to pay out of pocket when you could have asked the seller to contribute. An energy efficiency inspection on a potential new home should be a standard practice.

As the potential buyer, you can ask the seller to have an energy audit because a home that is not energy efficient could add up to big bills in the long run. Getting an audit can also be a great negotiating point on the asking price should any problems come up during inspection. You could also ask the seller to make any necessary energy improvements before you will purchase. Potential problems to look for are poor insulation, air leaks in the foundation or attic, and an inefficient heating or cooling system. An audit may cost a few hundred dollars but could save you thousands in the long run. There are many “great deals” on homes in the current economy, but, as a buyer you do not want to spend your hard earned savings on a home that may seem like a great deal only to realize it will involve a lot of costs in the energy department. A proper audit can provide a lst of trusted contractors to make the necessary improvements.

When looking to buy a new home the last thing you want to do is make a purchase and discover you have bought a money pit. By having a proper energy efficiency audit you as the buyer can have peace of mind that the home you are purchasing is a good investment. Should any necessary changes need to be made to improve energy efficiency, you will reduce your energy consumption while maintaining or improving the comfort of your home and also reducing your energy footprint.