Attic Insulation In Arizona

In Arizona, attics can reach up to 150 degrees. If you do not have properly installed insulation in your attic, that incredibly hot air is radiating through your ceiling and into your home. Everyone expects to pay more for their electricity bill in the summer due to the immense heat, but many overlook the drastic effects of inadequate or misaligned insulation and do not realize that they could be saving a lot more on their bill.

When it comes to attic insulation, the most important factor is Proper Usage and Installation. AZ Energy Efficient Home inspects your attic not only for the grade of insulation used, but also that it is properly installed. Proper installation is commonly overlooked by many insulation installers despite its importance. For example a 5% misalignment of your insulation cuts your overall R- Value by 50% so your R-30 is actually performing at an R-15 and it is exponential! It is not uncommon to find homes performing at an R- 7 or less.

During an energy audit, AZ Energy Efficient Home will determine whether there are inefficiencies in your attic insulation and provide analysis of the inspection. Provided there are such inefficiencies AZ Energy Efficient Home will provide cost effective solutions by saving you money on your energy bills and keeping you cool.

APS and SRP provide great incentives for properly insulating your attic and AZ Energy Efficient Home can help to process rebates and perform the necessary efficiency repairs. Also, Southwest Gas now offers additional rebate savings on getting your home up to standards for attic insulation!

Benefits Of Insulation and Attic Ventilation

  • Low utility bills
  • Great ROI
  • Provides Comfortable Living Space
  • Maintain Consistent Temperature in Home
  • Increases Value Of Home & Resale Value
  • Decreases demand on cooling system