home performance audit

Be the Energy Winner this Election Season

This election season, we have been bombarded with messages on energy efficiency and clean air initiatives. Regardless of your stance on the issues, all homeowners and businesses want to keep their utility costs at a manageable amount each month and would like to cut down on pollutants
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Protecting a Home’s Air Quality during AZ Monsoon Season

Arizona is known for our monsoon dust storms that roll through the Valley of the Sun. The common feeling of the summer dry heat in an afternoon will suddenly become humid as the wind kicks up and a wall of dust, often referred to as a haboob, makes its way through our desert cities. M
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Improve Residential Air Quality for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Millions of Americans suffer respiratory issues due to allergies and asthma. We take medicine to reduce our bodies reaction to irritants that make can make breathing leave you, well, out of breath. But did you know that your house can be inspected and improved to improve air quality?
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Get an Energy Audit Before Buying a New Home

When you go to buy a new home, getting an inspection is standard procedure to ensuring that the home you are buying does not have any major issues. Many people have an inspection to look for things like structural problems, water damages and other potentially expensive problems, but,
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Increase The Comfort Of Your Home With A Home Performance Audit In Arizona

Your home, no matter how small or big, is your castle, the place where you relax, eat, spend time with your family, and sleep. Some of the most important and most memorable moments of your life will likely happen within the walls of your home. That’s why it can be so important that yo
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When Making Your Home More Energy Efficient, Use Rebates To Save Money

If your electricity bills are soaring, leading you to self-inflicting suffering through the extreme temperatures of winter and summer, then it might be time to make your home more energy efficient. By replacing appliances and making some small changes around the house, you can save a
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