Home air quality

AZEEH Attends AZ Asthma & Allergy Clinical Conference

AZ Energy Efficient Home attends the AZ Asthma & Allergy Clinical Conference.
Imagine being told that the only breaths you can take deeply would be through a small coffee stirring straw. Each breath is a struggle, shallow and painful. This is a way of life for millions of people who suffer from asthma or respiratory issues. Patients often try to avoid irritants
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Protecting a Home’s Air Quality during AZ Monsoon Season

Arizona is known for our monsoon dust storms that roll through the Valley of the Sun. The common feeling of the summer dry heat in an afternoon will suddenly become humid as the wind kicks up and a wall of dust, often referred to as a haboob, makes its way through our desert cities. M
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Improve Residential Air Quality for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Millions of Americans suffer respiratory issues due to allergies and asthma. We take medicine to reduce our bodies reaction to irritants that make can make breathing leave you, well, out of breath. But did you know that your house can be inspected and improved to improve air quality?
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