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Be the Energy Winner this Election Season

This election season, we have been bombarded with messages on energy efficiency and clean air initiatives. Regardless of your stance on the issues, all homeowners and businesses want to keep their utility costs at a manageable amount each month and would like to cut down on pollutants
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AC Bill Got Your Wallet Sweating More Than You?

It’s that time of year in Arizona again. Triple-digit highs for weeks on end, and lows that the rest of the country uses for highs. If you are like many in the Valley of the Sun, your monthly air conditioning bill is likely anywhere from $400 – $700 (some even higher). In many p
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Where to Start to Achieve an Energy Efficient Home

Arizona residents all want their homes to be as energy efficient as possible. In addition to being better for the environment, it also costs less to keep a home at the level of comfort we all want and deserve in a house. Perhaps you know your home isn’t very efficient, but you aren’t
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AZ Energy Efficient Home Receives ENERGY STAR Award

AZ Energy Efficient Home Receives 2018 ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year Award
AZ Energy Efficient Home earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year award for the third year in a row! We have been participating in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program since 2010. This national merit recognizes us as an Arizona contractor whose professional home au
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Improve Residential Air Quality for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Millions of Americans suffer respiratory issues due to allergies and asthma. We take medicine to reduce our bodies reaction to irritants that make can make breathing leave you, well, out of breath. But did you know that your house can be inspected and improved to improve air quality?
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Benefits Of Thermal Imaging During A Home Energy Audit

Thermal Imaging for Energy Efficiency
If you are like most other homeowners in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you are overspending on your utilities every month. With all of the improvements and innovations that can make homes more energy efficient, it is possible to reduce your monthly utilities bills by up to 50% when you m
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Phoenix Homeowner’s Use LEED Certified Energy Audit Company

LEED certified energy audit company
Benefits Of LEED Certification LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system for green building.  LEED has different rating systems for different types of buildings, customizing the components of the rating system to meet the needs of each type of building pr
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Get an Energy Audit Before Buying a New Home

When you go to buy a new home, getting an inspection is standard procedure to ensuring that the home you are buying does not have any major issues. Many people have an inspection to look for things like structural problems, water damages and other potentially expensive problems, but,
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Save Money By Saving Energy

  Have you ever opened your energy bill and been in extreme shock after looking at the amount owed? Have you ever wondered what you could have possibly done to have made your energy bill increase at such an alarming rate? With the state of the economy, many home owners are lookin
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Create A Comfortable Home Year Round By Going Green

Everyone seems to be going green these days. Presidents, movie stars, and Fortune 500 companies have all jumped on the bandwagon to promote the slogan, leading to an increase in things like recycling, electric cars, and prestigious awards for companies who can be the least wasteful. W
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